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Everyone, yes all humans require 9 essential amino acids.  Theses are; histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. 


We cannot convert or synthesize these on our own, they must come from our diet. 


Why would you not take Vegan Essential Aminos?  These amino acids are exactly the same, they are just made more ethically, with more transparency and they are cleaner.


They don’t extract aminos from plants.  It is too expensive and too low yield with too much burden on the environment and potential GMO infiltration.  Instead, vegan essential aminos are made through fermentation of sugars from plants.  The sugars are NON-GMO and the microbes involved are also NON-GMO.  This is how our intestinal microbiome make amino acids for us, in our normal digestive process.  This is actually common sense and nice and clean with low environmental impact. 


Exclusively plant-based diets supply a different amino acid profile to those who consume animal protein as well.  In the plant proteins there is less of the anabolic amino acids such as leucine (which makes up 50% of what we call BCAA (branched chain amino acids).  The vegan sources of hydroxyproline are almost impossible to find and eat, lack methionine and have inadequate lysine and histidine for anyone doing any extra exercise. 


Hydroxyproline is used to make collagen in our bodies.  Plants do not contain collagen and hydroxyproline is almost totally absent in a plant-based vegan diet.  Hydroxyproline can be made from proline and Vitamin C, making it technically not essential however; there is a relatively low intake of proline in most vegan diets.  There is simply just  not adequate doses of proline and hydroxyproline available in plants and those that do contain it have such a low yield, you would need to eat a truckload.  If you do not have adequate hydroxyproline you cannot support and maintain collagen.  If you are training, aging or on the campaign for better health, you need adequate collagen to support all your nutritional needs. 


Hydroxyproline is made specifically for inclusion into collagen.  Ensuring adequate hydroxyproline will allow proline and Vitamin C to maintain ideal levels and not be depleted.  The rate-limiting step for collagen synthesis is nutrient availability and in particular hydroxyproline. Hydroxyproline has excellent bioavailability, absorbed intact as hydroxyproline and delivered to collagen peaking at 1-hour post ingestion.

Vegan Essential Aminos (30 Serve)